The goal of this project is to help people to return to their natural state of unconditional love.  When we are able to love ourselves, we are happier and more compassionate towards others.  Through greater love and compassion for each other, we can bring about peace. 

Content that is primarily focused on love and compassion for the self is identified throughout this website by the phrase “Be The Love.”  Content that is primarily focused on love and compassion for others is identified by the phrase “Share The Love.”

How can love and compassion lead to change in your life? 

"Be The Love" Goals:


Self-awareness and self-acceptance

Altering your perspective of your current circumstances resulting in more peace, joy, and happiness

Reducing or removing barriers to sustained and meaningful change

Uncover a sense of purpose or personal mission

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"Share The Love" Goals:

Feel a sense of hope and connection with others

Reduce anger, frustration, and judgment

Fulfilling relationships

Change the world by “being the change you wish to see”

What are the barriers to love and compassion?

We all have self-limiting habits in the way that we think, feel, and behave. I am going to provide you with the tools needed to identify and change your own self-limiting habits. 

I am very excited to share this journey with you and learn how I can best meet your needs.  Please contact me with feedback or questions at

To get started on your journey, check out these videos on common barriers to loving ourselves and common barriers to loving others.