Here are snippets of feedback that I received about the service that I have provided to friends and clients.  To read longer reviews in their entirety, click on the highlighted link.

  • "What transpired still amazes me. [The session] was far beyond what I even considered possible when reaching out to her. She not only gave me clear guidance on the root issue, she also helped me and my husband heal from it- all without seeing us."
  • "I believe Suzanne has a talented and unique gift combining her background and experience as a clinical psychologist with her ability to connect with spirit.  Her gift is fiercely powerful - one might think of her as a psychic when first connecting with her." 
  • "She was able to help clear negative energy and then provided me with guidance on how to grow and heal. Suzanne provided me clear direction on how to allow the painful experience purify me. She helped me see what God was trying to tell me for quite some time… Despite my efforts to “fix” what was occurring over a few years, it was Suzanne who gave me the wisdom to help grow, change, and heal. What still gives me goose bumps is her ability to “know” without me saying a thing."
  • "I am grateful to have had a soul coaching session with Suzanne. She created a trusting, comfortable, and accepting space allowing me to delve deep into my personal concerns. Suzanne’s rich insights and powerful guidance helped me release wounds that I had been holding onto for far too long, and taught me so much about myself and my energy body. I left the session feeling a remarkable shift in my mind, body, and soul. If you’re considering a coaching session with her, I would strongly encourage it. You’ll be so glad you did – I know I certainly am."
  • "She re-introduced me to the magic I knew I had inside, taught me how to take hold of it without fear, and use it to be my most authentic self. As a self-proclaimed skeptic, and someone who had become increasingly closed off to her more spiritual side, I was surprised at how quickly I felt accepting of Suzanne’s methods. Perhaps it was so easy because her presence alone feels otherworldly."
  • "Suzanne has a unique ability to sense your experience, and see past your surface to the depths of you. During my healing session with her, she was able to intuitively recognize what sensations I was feeling in my body, and help clear heavy energy to the point of complete relief."
  •  "At the beginning of the session, when [Suzanne] stated, “healing can happen instantly,” I didn’t quite buy it, but by the time it was over, the anxiety and discomfort that had been brewing in me all day had lifted, and I had barely said a word. It seemed pretty inexplicable at the time, but what I know is that a sense of kindness, love, and true acceptance had enveloped me, which, in turn, helped me cultivate that in myself. The magic in the experience, and what I’ve taken from it, has affected just about every aspect of my life, since."