Be The Love

Sharon Salzberg - Episode 4

This episode discusses the difference between mindfulness and meditation and explores some common myths about developing a meditation practice.
Sharon Salzberg and I discuss applying mindfulness to managing intrusive thoughts including perfectionistic judgments of self.  Sharon offers some advice for people who are thinking about beginning a meditation practice.  She also discusses lovingkindness meditation and how it differs from mindfulness in practice and function.  Lastly, Sharon tells me about her new book, Real Love:  The Art of Mindful Connection, which provides mindfulness exercises and meditation techniques to help us to create deeper love relationships with ourselves, our significant others, and all of life.
I end the episode discussing details of my personal meditation practice and the benefits that I have received from it.
Take Action:  Use the links below to explore different types of meditation practices.  Experiment with these methods and develop a reasonable goal for yourself.

Which type of meditation is best for you?

Learn how to start of lovingkindness practice.

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