A friend reached out to me for guidance about a challenge that she was experiencing in her relationship.  We were unable to connect by phone, so I decided to rely on my intuition to provide her with guidance.  I ended up making a 15 minute recording that I sent to her later that day.  Here is her feedback about that recording:

I’ve come to learn, life will keep teaching you the same lesson until you pay attention to it and learn from it.  I’ve also come to learn sometimes we’re so close to our own challenge/life lesson that we can’t see it clearly or figure out how to fix it. Sometimes our own views/perceptions can distort reality keeping us from seeing clearly.

While I was seeing a psychologist as well as my Pastor for spiritual guidance to address a personal and marital challenge, the problem persisted until it came to a head. A sort of crossroads where either I was going to finally awaken and “see” or remain suffering and as a result damage the heart of the one I love most: my husband.

With much struggle and in search of answers, I reached out to Suzanne. Knowing her spiritual journey developing Love is the Answer as well as cultivating her own talented ability to connect with “spirit”, I hoped she might be able to provide some guidance. What transpired still amazes me. It was far beyond what I even considered possible when reaching out to her. She not only gave me clear guidance on the root issue, she also helped me and my husband heal from it- all without seeing us. She did this through her connection with spirit, through her ability to help my husband and I heal and through the recording she shared that provided me the insight I was so desperately searching for.

I believe Suzanne has a talented and unique gift combining her background and experience as a clinical psychologist with her ability to connect with “spirit.”  Her gift is fiercely powerful - one might think of her as a psychic when first connecting with her.

When I was at my rock bottom, she was able to connect with my soul as well as my husbands.  She was able to help clear negative energy and then provided me with guidance on how to grow and heal. Suzanne provided me clear direction on how to allow the painful experience purify me. She helped me see what God was trying to tell me for quite some time… Despite my efforts to “fix” what was occurring over a few years, it was Suzanne who gave me the wisdom to help grow, change, and heal. What still gives me goose bumps is her ability to “know” without me saying a thing. 

The concept of connecting with “spirit” was foreign to me until I learned from Suzanne and her spiritual journey. I am so grateful to God for having my path cross Suzanne’s fostering our friendship and ability to trust in her unique talent to help people heal.

Wherever you are in your journey, for whatever reason you’re brought to read my message, my hope is it inspires you to have an open mind and experience the gift of Suzanne to help you through your journey too.